Somos un estudio multidisciplinar impulsado por el arte con enfoque en animación y diseño, no sólo estamos basados en Madrid, San Pablo y Buenos Aires, sino también en Düsseldorf. Para celebrar abrimos nuestro estudio con una  exposición de arte mensual en nuestro estudio en Derendorf. La exposición incluye creaciones de artistas internacionales que elaboran sus obras fuera de su trabajo habitual. La selección incluye obras de arte realizadas tanto con herramientas digitales como analógicas.

Bestia Art Gallery es un espacio que nace  para develar el talento de cada uno de los artistas con los que nos gusta y nos gustaría trabajar en Bestiapeluda Visual Studio, una forma de meternos en el corazón del estudio para que todos puedan conocer el criterio y los verdaderos talentos que forman este gran equipo y que tienen mucho mas para mostrarnos de lo que hacen, cuando trabajan en libertad.
Esta vez les proponemos artistas de Argentina, Brasil, Francia y Alemania que trabajan no solo para la industria publicitaria, sino también para el arte. Con la clara intención de ser pioneros en el mercado del arte en Alemania y crear un fuerte movimiento de arte contemporáneo y emergente.



We are a multidisciplinary studio driven by art with a focus on animation and design, we are not only based in Madrid, San Pablo and Buenos Aires, but also in Düsseldorf. To celebrate, we held a monthly art exhibition in our studio in Derendorf. The exhibition includes creations by international artists who elaborate their works after a full day of work. The selection includes works of art made with both digital and analog tools. 

And Bestia Art Gallery is a space to unveil the talent of each of the artists we like and we would like to work at Bestiapeluda Visual Studio. A way to enter the heart of the studio so that everyone can know the criteria and the true talents that make up this great team and have much more to show us what they do when they work in freedom.

This time we propose artists from Argentina, Brazil, France and Germany who work not only for the advertising industry but also for art. With the clear intention to be pioneers in the market of the art in Germany and to create a strong movement of contemporary and emergent art. 


Somos uma empresa de produção em contínua procura de idéias que motivem, sejam desafiantes para poder fazer delas uma peça única e inspiradora para todos nos.

Trabalhamos com sede em Madrid, São Paulo e Buenos Aires, nosso trabalho se concentra na criação de comerciais, branded content, game design, curtas-metragens, vídeos de música, documentários e formatos para internet e minisséries. Nossas técnicas de trabalho incluem 3D, 2D, stop motion, VFX, Motion Capture, Live Action e Design.


Founder Bio: 

Mariano Rocky Ríos, art director & animation director // Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Mariano or as his friends like to call him "Rocky" started working early in his life in advertising agencies as an art director for graphic ads and comercial films.
After doing this for over 10 years he decided for a new path and started to study tradicional animation at the University of Avellaneda (IDAC) with complementary studies of illustration, photography and silkscreen.
Next stop was the brasilian market where he started to work for production companies and motion graphics studios as a freelance director (which he keeps doing until today).  
Soon after this he decided to found his very own production and animation studio in Buenos Aires: Bestiapeluda Argentina was born. 
In 2010 Bestiapeluda expanded to Europe with opening a new head office in Madrid working for broadcasts in Iberia and the rest of Europe. 
Since then Rocky is dedicating his whole energy and passion to work on tv series, visuals background for concerts, short movies or tv commercial animation for mayor international channels and brands  such as Coca Cola, Ford, Mtv Channel, Sony, Disney, NatGeo, AXN, Fox, Nike, Ford, Aboslut, etc..
Influenced by others artists, urban culture, surf and traveling the creative team around Bestia as well developed visuals for important concerts, raves, and festivals in LatinAmerica and Iberia. 
As an director he directed and co-directed several music videos for argentine bands and directed and produced shorts animation movies such as "Paper Boy" ¨Ugly People¨ or "Conspiracy of the flies"  (currently under development to be presented at the Annecy Festival 2017).
Mariano today lives most of the year in Madrid, from where he manages Bestiapeluda Spain, Argentina and Brasil, working in multiple projects in the contemporary art field, and is always open to start a new project with you on
Bestiapeluda Visual Studio or Bestia Art Gallery.


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